Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am so thankful to be needed!!!
As the end of April was approaching yesterday I decided to take that page of my calendar off and get ready for May!!
Then I quickly decided I wanted April back!

May is filled with..
Summer Games in Laramie.
End of School year field trips.
Doctors appointments.
Kindergarten open houses.
Play School.
REAL School.
New Doctor screenings.
End of School Year Concerts.
I have to be somewhere or have something scheduled
of. this .month.
(and today is only the 1st)
 I cant wait!!
I love this
 being at home with the kiddos!!!
And even though there are those days
I MISS grown-ups,
being home is AMAZING!!!
I think---
I know that out of ALL the jobs I have ever held this is the HARDEST!
Yet it is the most rewarding!!!
I LOVE that I am able to stay home.
Even though NOT everyday is butterflies and sparkles!
I know that this is where I am suppose to be.
I love hearing my kids laugh and sing with me in the car.
We even dance!!

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