Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part One of my CRAZY. FUN, EXHAUSTING week!!!

What a CRAZY week!!!!
OH where to begin with this last week..
It has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!
It has been FUN FUN FUN!!!!
And it has been CRAZY!!!

It all started last Monday.
Tanner and I embarked on a school field trip to Provo.
The ride was LONG!!
The First museum was AWESOME!!!
But one would have been plenty for Tan and I...
But oh NO, we had 2 more and lots of WALKING!!!
so needless to say Tanner was ready to head home when we got to load the bus.
We got to ride the bus home with Flint and AJ so all was good!!!

After we got home and recovered from that ADVENTURE it was time to head to
 Laramie for SUMMER GAMES!!!

That is another 5 hour bus ride!
We had a ball and Tanner is kinda a BIG Deal now...
way to go Tanner..
This is a quick fast post...
Pictures and more is coming soon!
But it is 1130PM and I am going to sleep!!! 

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