Monday, May 21, 2012

              So someday I want to BE

The one that have it all together!
The one who have all the patients in the world.
The one that husband is ALWAYS 100% involvement.
I want it all...
The PERFECT children!
The CLEAN house!
The CRAFT corner full of FINISHED projects!
The YARD every kid wants to hangout in!
The NEWEST mini-van!
The Martha Stewart FANCY meals every night!
The BODY of a Supermodel (or at least NOT a wibble-wabble toy)!
PLEASE and THANK YOU saying good mannered children!
The house big enough to entertain!

And then I realize I have it all..
It is just in a package that is PERFECT for me!!
We may not have it all,
But together we are ALL we need!!

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