Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Doctor!!!!!

So, yes we have yet again found another that is looking into Tanner's "NOVEL"... Ok, maybe it isnt really a novel, but there sure is ALOT of information there from his other Doctors and Specialist.

She was really GREAT with him. I love it when the Doctors talk to Tanner and NOT over him. She had lots of questions for Paul and I (yes people that is right, Paul went with me). I think he was a LOT overwhelmed. But we both left pleased with the visit. We go back next Wednesday for the "parents-appointment". And then the next 2 t0 3 weeks for Tanner to continue his testing. It is a Long process but I feel confident in what she has already talked to us about. Some of the "treatment" ( I guess that is what we will call it) plan for his behaviors made me feel at ease. She is recommending a "service dog" for Tanner. She says they have proven very beneficial for these kiddos. Well see!!! Of course when she said DOG Tanner was ALL EARS!!
I have read many books and articles that prove animal companions are great for Autistic Children. It helps with behaviors, sensory, commuication, etc.... We'll see. That was all I commented on that!

Dr. B also said that she was confused as to how the previous Dr came to the conclusion that Tanner had Pdd/NOS. Which is on the Autism Spectrum. But is not typically the same as AUTISTIC! They are but they arent. See if you have a child with PDD/NOS they dont always recieve the same services as a child with AUTISM diagnosis. That has proven very true for Tanner especially in school. So with this clarification and Diagnosis we may and SHOULD get more services for him. more therapies, a possible one on one aide those kind of things. Which for Tanner will be AWESOME!!

Dr. B asked what my main concern for Tanner is......
That was one that I have been thinking aabout alot lately.
But, after much thought it was..
IS THIS TANNER'S HIGHEST FUNCTIONING SKILL... Right now is this where he will stay for the rest of his life????
She agreed that was a legit answer and that is what we will be looking into, but that has me thinking. Is this where he will stay for his independece for the rest of his life?

The other day Tayson says to me " mommy when I grow up I am going to marry you."
My response was " tay when you grow up Mommy wont be so cool"
Then Tanner says.. "mommy when I grow up I am going to live with you FOREVER!'
My response was " I know Buddy"

And ever since that convrsatiion with the boys I hve laughed about Tanner and Tayson's comments. But a part of me is sad that for Tanner living at home my be what it is for him!!

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